President’s Message

As the recently appointed president of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology, it is my honor to address you.
When I began my career as a practicing physician (in obstetrics & gynecology), I also entered the field of cytology at around the same time. It has now been more than thirty years since I first joined JSCC. In that time, cytopathology has literally become my life’s work and a regular part of my everyday life. Over the years, I have benefited from the many people who came before me, whose fields of expertise and occupations transcended borders, allowing me to learn many things as JSCC grew. I want to thank all our JSCC members and express my commitment to putting everything I have learned over the years to full use toward the continued growth of JSCC.
Recently, under the leadership of the former president, Hiroshi Sasaki, JSCC fulfilled its long-held ambition of becoming a public interest incorporated association in 2013, a change that has made JSCC’s direction clearer. Authorization as a public interest incorporated association means that our society is intended to serve the public interest, has been deemed capable of doing so, and will be expected to fulfill our duties as such. It is a most appropriate designation for a society like ours which pursues activities that contribute to healthcare and medical science in Japan and across national borders through our work in cytology.
At the same, authorization itself was never the goal. Rather, it is a starting point as we begin and will continue to grow, as we must, into an organization worthy of the designation in both name and substance through our contributions to society at large. With my appointment as president at this time, I have been tasked with building a solid foundation upon which the next great steps of our society may be taken. As a start, my goals are the following:
• Ensuring, as well as building a culture of, transparency and integrity in the information from and activities engaged in by JSCC and its members
• Actively supporting the (research) activities of JSCC members
• Restructuring and evolving social perceptions at JSCC and among its members
From the perspective of serving the public interest and in terms of cytology as a scientific field and not just a mere healthcare tool, we are expected to ensure with utmost care the validity of our information and activities. Thanks to developments in healthcare and science, I believe now is a time to boldly re-examine our current practices if they need re-examining and to fearlessly study new issues that need studying. The key to our success will be collecting evidence and information in a fair and impartial way while maintaining a healthy and open culture in which members can discuss how that evidence and information impacts citizens and society. On that point, becoming a public interest incorporated association has had the great benefit of creating an organizational structure through which JSCC can guide clinical research. Activities by members who conduct such social and scholarly research and surveys become assets that lay the foundation for JSCC’s future. This is why we should want to provide ethics support, including ensuring the validity of research plans and the interpretation of their findings. Now is also an important time, not only in our research and information-sharing but our daily business as well, for each of us as members of JSCC to restructure our perceptions and for JSCC as a whole to restructure its own sense of what it means for society today and in the future to use the methods of cytology to generate findings that are closely tied to diagnosis, disseminate interpretations of such data, and be in a position to engage in such work. We will examine these issues from time to time within JSCC as well. For better or worse, perceptions of JSCC from the outside will vary enormously depending upon our own perceptions and how we act based upon them.
The social infrastructure is undoubtedly changing. The conditions of healthcare in 10 years may be vastly different from those of today. Even in such a future, I believe JSCC will continue to grow as an organization that can be relied upon to use cytology toward the benefit of others and the pursuit of science, and I look forward to working toward that goal with everyone starting now. Thank you to all our members for your continued support.